myHillebrand is an online portal for freight forwarding customers of Hillebrand.

My Hillebrand example

Shipping services, built upon over 175 years that began in Germany, with the transport of wine barrels. The myHillebrand portal is being developed for importers and exporters of liquid baverages. It offers an easy way to view real-time locations and timeslines of shipments, notifications, billing and more.

Some of my responsibilities.

  • Creating reusable components.

  • Convert designs into working features.

  • Custom component NPM library called Hillebrand-UI.

  • Building a generic Hillebrand (S)CSS library.

  • Connecting the front-end with the back-end.

  • Writing unit tests.


  • Angular 8

  • TypeScript

  • SCSS

  • Karma / Jasmine

  • Azure DevOps

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