I am Wesley van Drimmelen. A front-end developer based near Amsterdam.

I am also co-founder of a company called Videonelen.nl

A picture of Wesley

I am a front-end developer with a passion for HTML and CSS, I combined my passion with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science where I choose Human Centered Design to be the main subject of the study.

I use this combination to create usable and interactive websites and web applications by focusing on the users, their needs and your business requirements. This allows me to create accessible and meaningfull products for both clients and their customers.

Currently working as a Front-end consultant at Capgemini where I help our customers with their front-end development.

In 2020 me, my cousin and some of his friends started videonelen.nl. An online platform to give artists an option to give private shows to give your friday drinks a boost.

The things I do.

  • Website development

    Creating websites for humans.

  • Web applications

    Functional web applications for businesses.

  • Accessibility

    Because it looks good, does not mean it works good.

Currently learning.

  • Unity & C#

    Building small games using Unity.

  • Motion and interaction

    Because small animations can make a key difference.

  • What would you like me to learn?

    Involve me and that way we both can learn more.

Let's do something interesting together.